Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beach Time

Molly and I went to CA to meet Ryan's mom who was there to babysit for a friend's daughter. We got a great deal on the airfare, and it was a great opportunity for Molly to see her Ma Mere and hang out with a new little friend. Molly loved playing in the ocean and was excited when the waves splashed up on her legs.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Out and About

I was feeling ambitious this morning and put my running clothes on and put Molly in the jogging stroller. We went outside to discover that it had become drizzly. We couldn't go because Molly would have gotten cold and wet. So, we're doing inside activities this morning, like blogging!

We went to the Botanical Gardens with Xander and his mom. It was my first time there. Beautiful!

Xander really wanted to hold Molly's hand. Cute! Molly is wearing a harness that has a stuffed Elmo on the front. She doesn't mind it which is a relief because I'm traveling with her by plane tomorrow without any other adult assistance!


Aloha! This is Molly's Hawaiian outfit from Teena and Grant

Molly loves little Ella. We have the invite for Ella's first birthday party on our refrigerator. Molly will yell, "Ella! Ella!" until I get it down for her look at.

Hanging out with Papa

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu in TX

Our county has numerous cases of the swine flu. As of this afternoon, there are 14 confirmed and 46 probable cases. The weird thing is that my parents live in a neighboring county that has no cases. They don't tell us where the cases are located in the county. They could be concentrated in a few neighborhoods or spread throughout.

People don't seem to be too concerned. The mall parking lot was packed today, and I stopped into a restaurant to get a take-out meal. It was packed as well. The Movie Tavern was packed last night as well. Hopefully sick people aren't infecting the masses! Several times this week I've been in a checkout line behind someone buying several bottles of hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes.

I've been out in public for short trips to the store. I'm hesitant to take Molly to a park to play on equipment with other kids. We are trying not to let her be around other children.

Ryan's school district is out until at least 5/11. When school was closed there was one confirmed case and three probable (all in different schools). Now there are nine probable in addition to the one confirmed. He's enjoying his long, surprise break.