Thursday, June 25, 2009

Picture this

Happy 89th birthday Grandma!

Waiting for the train at the zoo


With Ella

Blue eyed beauties! My friend Erica was in town

Fight! Fight! Fight!

The other day Molly started playing with a pom pom. Wanting to indoctrinate her as a little Spartan, I grabbed her Sparty doll and starting singing the MSU fight song. At one point, as Spartans well know, the singer does a little chant while pumping a fist, "Fight! Fight! Rah, Team Fight!" I continued singing, and then started the song again. While I was singing, Molly was pumping her fists and yelling, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" I just hope she never does this out of context!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Molly's verbal skills are really advancing. She says new words all the time. She has also been putting two words together like, "Diaper Off!" and "Two Balls." She is also repeating a lot that we say. This evening I asked Ryan to take one of her toys to another room. Afraid I was being a nag, I began the following conversation:

Me: "Was that too bossy?"
Ryan: "I'm used to it."
Me: "Was that too bossy?"
Ryan: "No. It was alright."

Molly immediately picked up on the word "bossy". She started exclaiming, "Bossy! Bossy! Bossy!"

She's our little repeater!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Life in Tweets

  • Friday was Ryan's last day of teaching for the year. Today he's cleaning, moving to a new classroom, and doing paperwork.
  • Molly had her first nap without a binky last week at my parents'. We were going to attempt to put her to bed without binky that night.
  • While putting Molly to bed without binky, she flung herself over the crib rail. I caught her. We then hurriedly converted the crib to a toddler bed. We let her have binky to not make too many changes to her world.
  • Molly had her first bout of food poisoning/stomach virus this weekend. She was a real trooper.
  • We have finalized travel plans to MI June 28 - July 6 to visit friends/family and attend my cousin Katie's wedding.
  • We have been house shopping and have been outbid by a couple hundred dollars on one house and a couple thousand on another.
  • We are looking for a 3 bedroom one-story and prefer flooring other than carpet/vinyl. A covered patio is also on our wish list.
  • Our tv stopped working last week, and we are not going to replace it until after we move. Ryan had a tough time facing reality this weekend when missing a golf tournament and the Belmont Stakes.
  • Ryan shaved his head completed bald with a razor. I think he looks hot.
  • My mom's birthday was Saturday, but we didn't celebrate with her yet due to Molly's illness.
  • We bought a zoo membership and are enjoying visiting the zoo while they open an hour early on Mondays in June just for members. We'll be leaving shortly for our visit.
  • Molly is saying all kinds of words. She can identify some colors, thanks to the M&Ms we give her when she uses the potty. She can also identify a couple letters.
  • The only number Molly knows is "two". But, she conceptually understands it. She'll hold up a couple binkies or stuffed puppies and say, "Two!"
  • I just finished the first novel I've read in awhile, Midwives by Chris Bohjalian. I really enjoyed it.
  • We have reserved a bunch of books at the library because Ryan reads a lot during the summer.
  • This is Ryan's only week off (after today and besides our week in MI) because he starts meeting with his cross country runners for summer training next week.