Saturday, December 29, 2007


Molly has been doing baby crunches for a few weeks. She strains and lifts her head up at the same time that she extends her legs out a couple inches above the ground. I've been marveling at what a good workout she gets. This morning when we were still lying in bed, I decided to try to do crunches with her. Everytime she'd lift up her head and hold it I'd do it, too. Keep in mind that she holds this position for several seconds. When I started accompanying her, she started doing her crunches about every 10 seconds and would hold them for a few seconds each. After about 15 or 20, my stomach muscles were burning. Every time I saw her start to raise her head, I'd groan and yell out in frustration, "Molly!" It seemed like she wasn't going to let up. After enough complaining on my part, Ryan told me to just stop doing the crunches, too. I said that tomorrow morning I'd try to keep up with her better.

After being shown up by my 3 1/2 month old, I was motivated to go for a good run. Ryan babysat, and I ran my first three mile run in several months. There was frost on the ground, and it was a perfectly crisp, still, and sunny morning for a run. I encountered twenty or so cyclists, walkers, and runners along my route. It was very satisfying.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Virtual Christmas Letter

It seems like writing a Christmas letter is the thing to do when you have kids. So, I'd like to share a few things from this past year, specifically the ways that God has provided for us.

Early this spring, when Ryan and I had decided to move to Texas to have our baby here, I had to make a decision about leaving my job at the university. I loved my job, and it was very difficult to tell my department chair that I wouldn't be returning. However, we were trusting God to provide for us in a new chapter of our lives.

Then this summer, we put our house on the market and moved away to Texas. God provided a buyer shortly after we moved. It is a difficult market for sellers in the midwest, and we had lived in the house less than two years. However, we were able to get back our whole downpayment that we had put down on the house. God was faithful.

It was difficult to trust God as my due date approached, and Ryan hadn't yet gotten a teaching job. My due date was 8/22, and our insurance was due to end on 8/31. However, we knew that God would provide all that we needed. I had a doula that I was going to use for my labor and delivery. Unexpectedly, I got called to work two days at my on-call financial job the week before my due date. The amount I made from those two days working was the amount I needed to pay my doula. God had also given Ryan a great summer job working at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. He blessed us with a beautiful home in which to live without cost from July to October. So, we waited on God in faith.

On August 16, Ryan was offered his teaching job. Because it was a job at an urban district and because he had two coaching positions, his salary is more than sufficient to provide for our family. The health insurance from his job would begin the day after mine ended. Even better, because Molly wasn't born until September 8, I purchased COBRA so that we would have dual coverage for the labor, delivery, first weeks of Molly's life, and my unanticipated "surgery". This saved us over a thousand dollars.

God's greatest gifts to us are the birth of our lovely daughter, the love of friends and family, good health, and the birth of Jesus that we celebrate today. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Memories

At church on Sunday we had a special family Christmas service in which some members of the congregation recounted special holiday memories. Here are the words that I shared:

It is with a thankful heart that I tell about three men in my life. I have had godly men that have pastored me and taught me about God's love. I don't want to take them for granted because I know that not everyone is blessed with caring males in their lives.

First I remember a Christmas when I was a girl. My dad surprised me with a doll house that he had made for my Barbies. He had constructed the house in our basement without me knowing. He put a lot of thought and detail into the house. The wallpaper on the walls was the same as that in my bedroom. There was a framed picture of Holly Hobby that was similar to my Holly Hobby bedspread. He had made small pieces of furniture to adorn the house.

Another Christmas memory is playing duets on the piano with my Grandpa. It is ironic that the song we just sang was "O Holy Night" because this was one of the songs we played together. These moments at the piano were special ones that he and I shared.

Five years ago for was the first Christmas for Ryan and me as a married couple. He surprised me by buying tickets for us to fly to Texas to visit my parents after Christmas. They had just moved to Texas that year.

This past Christmas, Ryan and I knew that I was pregnant, but no one else knew. It was a special time thinking about this Christmas when we would have our baby. We enjoyed sharing the anticipation together.

Christmas Morning

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11

We spent Christmas Eve Eve at my Aunt Jackie and Uncle John's house. I have lots of cousins, and one is expecting a baby in May. Molly will have another second cousin. It might be awhile before she has any first cousins, but she has nine second cousins.

Christmas Eve we spent at the Harrison's house. We are blessed to have wonderful friends with whom to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Molly wore her pretty Christmas dress and slept in her car seat the whole time except for a brief arousal during which she ate.

Last evening and this morning, we spent some family time in bed opening presents and enjoying each other. We got Molly a door way jumper. She isn't old enough to jump around in it yet, but she kind of turns around and looks at things from her new vantage point.

Molly loves her bunny puppet from my Aunt Ilene and Uncle Matt.

Later today my brother is flying in from Toledo. He and my parents will be coming to our place for Christmas dinner.

Christmas weather forecast for Fort Worth: Sunny, High 61 Low 40
Score of MSU - Texas game on Saturday: 78 MSU 72 Texas
(Rematch next December in Dallas)

More Christmas Pictures

All in the Family

Getting "wrapped up"

Nap time

Ryan and Kit Kat

Monday, December 17, 2007

Toes in Mouth

Molly learned something new today!

December 17

Ryan's dad and new wife came to visit this weekend. We really like Anne, but it is almost unforgiveable that she has a hard time distinguishing between U of M and MSU.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Little Church

We've been going to an awesome little church in the country. It is a United Methodist church. We go to the contemporary service. There are sometimes only 20 people at that service (the later service has a lot more- over 100). Then, we go to the young adult Sunday School class. (It is great to still be considered young adults. When does middle age start? 40?) The Sunday School meets right across the street in the pastor's house. At Sunday school we watch short films called nooma. See

One of the things we love about this church is that it is small. It is so unlike any church we've attended before. The pastor is so personable and friendly. He calls to check up on us if we've been gone, and he stopped by to pray with us after Molly was born. He is also such a great communicator of God's word. He really challenges us in our faith. He also did a series on God and science, which of course I loved!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Family

Molly met a lot of her family members on our trip. Here she is with my mom's side of the family.

Trip to MI

I think this is the most beautiful picture of Molly.

Visiting with friends

Snowy Thanksgiving

Four generations

We visited nearly 65 people on our trip to Michigan. It was definitely a whirlwind, but we had a lot of fun. There were still a lot of people that we didn't get a chance to visit! We spent most of our trip in Lansing. It was Molly's first visit with Ryan's mom.

She did amazingly well on the flights. I had prayed especially for the flight to MI that she'd do well. She can be fussy in the morning if she doesn't fall asleep for her naps when needed. She started screaming in the airport just before the flight began boarding. I frantically bounced, shushed and patted until she drifted off in my arms. She slept until we were descending in Detroit. Ryan had to buckle my seatbelt and retrieve items from my carry-on for me. She did almost the same thing on the flight home. Not one cry on either flight!

It snowed on Thanksgiving in MI and TX. Ryan got out in the snow and cold and ran a 5k. He's tough! It was especially difficult b/c he's not used to the cold weather.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Two months old

Tummy time!
I'm hungry. Grrrrr!
I love Grandma! She teaches me all kinds of good and bad things! She doesn't let me sleep and already spoils me. Does this guy know what he's doing? (This is my cousin Jason.)

Molly tolerated her first shots pretty well this week. She was sleepy and a little fussy for the rest of the day. She weighed in at 11 lb 8.5 oz. That's the 75th percentile for weight. She was 24.5 inches; this is the 100th percentile. She's not as big as Mommy was as a baby. At two months I was 13 lb and 25.5 inches!!!! Wow!
We leave Sunday for Michigan. We hope that Molly is quiet and happy on the flight. We'll see you all in Michigan soon.
Ryan is 1/3 of the way through his first year already. Please pray for his job. It is pretty difficult situation right now. He has nice weeklong break that starts tonight.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Baby Pix

This is Molly wearing her first hoodie. We bundled up to go for a jog yesterday. She likes riding in her stroller and baby jogger. Molly loves her hand-me-downs from her big friend Mady.
This is an outfit from the Troy Christian Jr. High Track parents.
Molly is sleeping under her play-gym. She loves this thing! She bats at the toys with her hands and feet. Mom found it at a garage sale for $3!
Molly was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. She's with her friend Jorja (she's a Georgia Peach).

Tomorrow is her two month birthday. So, she has a pediatrician visit next week. She needs to get all of her two month shots. I'm going to try to take her to the Health Dept. for her shots. There is this crazy deal at the Dr's office. If your insurance pays for the shots, they cost hundreds of dollars billed to the insurance. If the insurance doesn't pay, they cost $10 a pop. Well, our insurance covers $500 of well child visits, not subject to the deductible. However, this $500 will get used up very quickly by a couple of immunizations. So, we're going to try to spread out the $500 by paying for the shots out of pocket at the health dept. and having the insurance cover the office visits. I also need a flu shot for me and maybe a pertussis vaccine. I just read that 50% of babies get whooping cough from their parents who might not even know that they have it. So, it is recommended that parents get a vaccination.

Now that she's getting older, her BMs are less frequent. She went five days before having one today! I guess that means that her body is using most of what it's taking in. It was sure messy though! She is warming up to tub baths. She had two today. One before the mess and one after!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Molly Update

Molly is really growing. She's eight weeks old today. She doesn't go back to the pediatrician for another week and a half, so we don't know an accurate weight for her, but we are guessing around 12 pounds according to my scale when I stand on it and hold her. She has grown out of all of her newborn clothes and 0-3 month clothes. It is sad. I am really enjoying all of the time I get to spend with her. I don't even mind the middle of the night feedings because I know that they are short-term, and it is precious time with her. I thank God often that I am able to nurse her because I know that it just doesn't work out for a lot of people. She still eats every two hours during the day and then sleeps a couple longer periods at night. I'm a grazer and eat quite often, too, so maybe that's what she'll be like.

We had been giving Molly sponge baths. This week I tried introducing her to a real bath. The first time, I had her on a towel next to the kitchen sink, and I tried lowering her into the water. She stuck out her bottom lip and burst out with the loudest cry. I ended up sponge bathing her again. The next time, I was in the tub myself, and Ryan handed her to me. I held her on my legs so that she wasn't touching the water at all. Then, I gently sprinkled some of the water on her feet and legs. She screamed. She continued to cry for the next 45 minutes or so. Tentatively, I attempted again tonight. She was again in the tub with me. I held her so that as the water level rose it submerged her feet. She didn't seem to notice or mind. I ended up giving her primarily a sponge bath on my legs, but with much more splashing and dousing than normal. She was content the entire time. Hopefully, she'll be ready to be put in the water soon.

She is really becoming aware of her hands. She is trying to touch toys that are put in front of her. She grabbed onto her foot a couple times yesterday, but I don't think she knew it was her foot. She has a little toy that she lies beneath and looks up at. She kicks at the stuffed animals hanging from it and reaches for them.

We also try to give her a little tummy time. She really strains when she's on her belly because I think it is uncomfortable for her. She squirms around and trys to get her knees underneath her body. Earlier this week, she was on her belly and rolled over to her back for the first time. She's also been smiling quite a bit. As much as I don't like the idea of her growing up and time passing, she is a lot of fun right now. Other people comment that it is hard to believe she's already eight weeks old. However, it seems like a really long time ago that I was pregnant or that Molly was a tiny newborn. I'm so glad that I can be home with her all day. I think maybe the time doesn't go by so fast that way.

Monday, October 29, 2007

New Home

Our apartment has a very large living/dining room. This dining set was inherited from my grandparents. I just put new upholstery on the chairs. That is my favorite decorating activity, because it is so easy and cheap, but gives a brand new look to furniture. I spent $8 on fabric and used my dad's staple gun to do the chairs. Maybe Ryan will let me get curtains to brighten up the windows. Hint, hint, honey. No, that's not a cat statue. It is Kit Kat, in the flesh. (or, in the fur, whichever you prefer.)
Finally, I have a red wall. I tried to convince Ryan at our previous two houses to let me paint the living room red. However, he didn't agree since he knew we might be selling the houses soon. The management here will give you two accent walls of a color of your choosing. We choose "Moss Mist" for the wall in our bedroom. It is a soothing, romantic color just right for our bedroom.
We have a nice fire place, and my cactus has survived the trip from Ohio. It thrived getting the evening sun on my parents' Western facing back patio this summer. It doubled in volume. (As all of you math people know, that is not the same as doubling in height...)

So, we are open for visitors. Come one, come all... Only people we know, please. None of you strangers just happening upon this blog on the web.

There is a complimentary gourmet coffee bar in the office of the complex. So, guess where Molly and I end up for our morning walk??? We are meeting people here already. The neighbors next door have a three year old boy and are expecting a baby. The wife stays home during the day. We met another neighbor at NTB today. Because they are doing construction here, I ended up with a nail embedded in my tire. The kind repairman at NTB fixed it for free. He even had to reinstall the tire b/c we had put the spare on. After talking with him we discovered that he lives in the building just across the street from us. After I returned home, Ryan noticed that I was still missing my hubcap. I called NTB, and our new friend said that he had my hubcap and would return it after work tonight.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Molly and Family

This is Molly sleeping in her swing today. She only likes her swing if it is on the highest speed! Notice the UNC onesie from Grandpa Kelly.
This is Molly McIntyre, Molly's first American Girl doll. Molly's great grandma Kelly sent the doll to us.

This is Molly with her great Grandma Ritter. Grandma has Alzheimer's, but she quickly remembered how to hold a baby.
These are Molly's second cousins Ally, Brady, and Nolan.
Ryan and I have been looking for an apartment. We decided on one today. It is a two bedroom, and the complex has a lot of amenities, including a free YMCA membership. It is located in a nice part of Fort Worth and is right next to the Trinity trail, so there are a lot of cyclists and runners in the area. We are really excited about that! The apartment we are going to get is going to get brand new carpet, which will be great, especially when Molly starts crawling. It will be fun to live in the city. While my parents will be about 40 minutes away, we'll be closer to a lot of shopping, friends, and activities. Most importantly, Ryan's drive to work will be 10 minutes instead of 35! We will move in on October 26.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sleeping Schedule and Surgery

I had to have a little outpatient surgery last week. As I tell people, "They left a little something in there when Molly was born." No, it wasn't a metal medical instrument, latex glove, or anything like that. That would be a good story. It was about a 1 pound piece of the amniotic sac. So, I had to have a D&C. I told Ryan not to take the day off of work because he's had to miss so much school already, and I know how hard it is to have a sub. Besides it wasn't that invasive of a procedure. So, my parents took care of Molly at the hospital while I was there.

It was a long day. We were there from 9am to 5pm. I opted to have a spinal anesthesia instead of general anesthesia so that medicine would not get into my breast milk. The procedure was quick and successful. (The worst part of the entire day was not having the spinal administered, but the first two botched attempts at inserting the IV needle. I was dehydrated from breastfeeding on top of the mandatory fasting period. So, it made my veins very tiny and constricted.) Then, they wheeled me into recovery. There I was, completely coherent, but numb from the belly down. Everyone else in recovery had had general anesthesia, and they were in various stages of consciousness and were emitting various decibel levels of snores!

I asked how long I had to be there. The nurse told me several hours until I regained feeling in my legs. I asked if my family could come see me. She told me no, that people in recovery weren't usually able to talk to anyone. I asked if I could at least have some magazines. She decided that I might just drive everyone crazy due to my boredom. So, she got me transferred pretty quickly to Stage 3 Recovery, a wonderful place with TVs, families visiting, alert patients, lunch trays, and a nice selection of beverages. I was reunited with my parents and Molly there. My parents did a great job of taking care of Molly. She was pretty cooperative!

Molly is still being a pretty good baby. We aren't trying to keep her on a tight schedule, however, we try to get her to sleep after she's been awake 1-2 hours. Dr. Weissbluth in his book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child advises that babies get overtired after being awake 2 hours. It seems to be pretty accurate with Molly. She has a couple of fussy periods each day: after she's been up a short time in the morning and then for a few hours in the evening. We've learned that the fussiness indicates that she needs to sleep, but is having difficulty falling asleep.
We are so thankful that she's an easy baby. I'm also thankful that I've been able to shower every morning since she's been born!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Big Girl!

Molly was 9 lb 5 oz at her check up this morning. She's gained a whole pound! This is Molly with her new little friend, Jorja. Doesn't Molly look big? Jorja was 1 day old in this picture, and Molly was 2 weeks.
This is Jorja's mommy Julie.

Friday, September 21, 2007

New Life

Ryan's cousin Julie passed away this morning. She had battled Ewing's sarcoma cancer for three years. I know that many of you have prayed for her. Please pray for strength and peace for her family. She was 22 years old. She shared with us some time ago that she had placed her faith in Jesus and knew that she'd be in heaven. Ryan's grandma was with her when she passed away and told her to go to God.

Mark Schultz has a great song called I Am. It tells of God's attributes. Two lines are especially meaningful to me in reminding me that God gives new life. One says, "I am the breath of all creation," and the other, "I am... the healer of the broken." It was God that gave Julie initial breath, and it is He that gives her breath in heaven. He's also the one who has healed her striken body and made it whole and more perfect than can be imagined.

It is sad to think about how fallen is this world into which our little Molly was born. There is so much potential for evil and pain. I pray quite often that God would protect her from these things. The greatest comfort is that no matter what this life holds, Molly has been born into eternity. We pray that she would choose to follow the Lord. We know that if she does, this life is just temporary, but she is guaranteed a wonderful inheritance forever. That is the hope we have in the midst of this world of suffering.

We also have great news of new life! My friend Julie had her baby Georgia just after noon today. We plan to go visit her tomorrow, so that Molly can meet her new little playmate!

I was reading John 1 today. At the end of the chapter, Jesus is calling the disciples to follow Him. He tells Simon that his name will now be Peter. I was struck by how the disciples immediately gained a new identity. Simon went from being known as a fisherman to having a new name given by Jesus and being known as a follower of Jesus. He gave up his livelihood and former life to take on a life of moment by moment obedience. Our lives should be the same!

Molly is still doing super! She is a delight to us. She is a very efficient eater! She doesn't nurse for very long each time (usually less than 10 minutes), but she has lots and lots of wet and messy diapers (this is the indication that she is getting enough to eat). She also seems to be getting bigger. She is a very good sleeper. I am praying that she continues to be this way!
Mom and I were posing Molly in her pretty white dress. This is her at 12 days old!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Visit to Michigan

We bought tickets to Michigan for Thanksgiving week. We're flying in on Sunday and leaving Friday morning. We'd love to see our friends and family in the Detroit area, Lansing, and GR. Just wanted to let you all know that we'd be around then. We'll have a quiet family Christmas here in TX. We may go to Austin for a couple nights.

I'm going to try to get to Dayton to visit friends there sometime in the winter or spring. Remember, we're always up for visitors here. All of our runner friends, don't forget about the two marathons down here: and

Life with the Kelly's

Ryan went back to work on Wednesday. Right now, his job is much more stressful than mine. He has 12 hour days of inner city teaching and coaching. He was out for the baby's birth for three days. He has my empathy. I know that first year teaching is very difficult, especially when a sub covers your classes for several days. Molly and I pray for her daddy throughout the day, especially in the early morning when he's driving to work and from 8:35 to 1:15 when I know he's teaching. After 1:15 he has lunch, his planning period, and volleyball. The last period of the day all of the volleyball coaches run a practice session with many of the players. Many athletes have an athletic period during the school day. His day ends anywhere from 6 to 9 depending upon when practice is over and whether he has a meeting or volleyball match.

His team had a great week. They won their matches on Tuesday night and Friday night. This morning they won their first match in a tournament. One of his starters was out this morning. These were their first wins, and so everyone is excited. Molly and I made it out for the tournament this morning. I want to get out and do things, but I want to protect her from too many germs also. We went to the 8:00 match, and there were not many people in the stands yet.

The baby is very content. She is eating and sleeping really well. I'm praying that she will continue to have a spirit of joy and peace. I have not had any baby blues yet. I'm praying that my emotions would continue to be stable! Ryan is hoping for that, too! We're hoping that the honeymoon isn't ending soon!

Molly had a couple appointments at the pediatrician this week. They were just standard check ups and weight checks. On Tuesday she was down from her birth weight of 8 lb 5 oz to 7 lb 14 oz. By Thursday she was back up to 8 lb 3.5 oz. She is probably back to her birth weight by now.

I have been feeling a little weak. I lost a lot of blood at delivery and was closely monitored at the hospital. It is taking me awhile to feel strong. Molly is also taking a lot of my calories. She is a good nurser. I'm trying to eat a lot.

My parents have been helping us out a lot. They've been helping with laundry, ironing, meals, and lawn mowing. I'm so thankful! Our friends Julie and Brian also brought us a meal this week. Julie is going to be induced with her baby this Friday. Molly will have a little playmate!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finally home!

Welcome home party! (Harrisons and Grandparents)

Beautiful roses from sweet husband

Relaxing with Grandpa Ritter

Exciting first bath

Molly in a pretty pink dress

Sunday, September 9, 2007



Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Change of plans

Thank you all so much for praying! I've gotten several e-mails from friends today. I decided yesterday to cancel my induction. I was dreading it and had no peace about it. I was praying for God's wisdom yesterday and felt like I should cancel it. I believe that inductions are very important if something is wrong, but there is nothing wrong with my baby or my body. She's just slow in coming!

Generations of women in my family have given birth to babies of all sizes (my dad was 10lb 2 oz, I was 9 lb, and my great grandmother gave birth to 18 lb of triplets!). They all survived without medical interventions! I am trusting God to bring the baby at the right time. He brought about the pregnancy in His time. He also provided a job for Ryan and a buyer for our house this summer. Who I am to second guess His timing for the baby's birth?

Thanks for the prayers! It is really difficult to make a decision like this, and I hope that she comes soon so that I don't have to consider being induced because she's REALLY late!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Great day for MSU fans

Mom and Dad came over today to watch MSU beat UAB. Then, U of M was defeated by Appalachain State. I'm not sure which is sweeter: seeing our team win or our rival deflated.

God blessed me through Ryan this morning. This past week I have been writing down scriptures to use as motivation and perspective during labor. I had been thinking about and searching for a particular verse all week but was unable to find it. This morning, I asked Ryan what he had read in the Bible. He said that he had a couple verses for me. The first one he read was the one for which I had been looking! How sweet that God would unite Ryan and me in this way. Here's the verse: Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. Hebrews 12:3

I have an appointment at the hospital Tuesday morning to have my water broken. That should start my labor, but if it doesn't I'll have to receive pitocin. I definitely hope to go into labor naturally before then. The doctor doesn't want me to go too late without having the baby though. I'm having a really hard time with the idea of being induced. I understand that I am very blessed to have no other complications. Many women have to face scheduled C-sections. However, if I do have to receive the pitocin, the contractions will likely be much more intense than those that would occur naturally. Pitocin can also cause the baby's heartrate to drop and increases the likelihood of a C-section. If I receive pitocin, I cannot walk about during labor but must be continously monitored and will be tethered to the machine. So, I am facing a lot of fears right now. However, I need to remember the verse God gave us and recognize that my troubles are so small compared to His suffering for us. Please pray that I go into labor naturally!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Nothing New

Just checking in to say that everything is the same here. I'm heading to Walmart soon because I think it would be really funny for my water to break at the Azle Super Walmart. I wouldn't want it to happen at a nice place, but I think that the Azle Walmart would be quite fitting. My mom is encouraging me to spend A LOT of time walking around Walmart! If it really happened, I'd probably be really embarassed, but it would be quite a story to tell.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In His Time

These are some pix of the beautiful evening sky behind the house where we're staying.

God is sovereign to appoint the time of birth. We have tried pretty much EVERYTHING to start my labor, even castor oil. It was very effective as a laxative, but not as a labor inducer! The baby is just not ready to be born yet. I am 41 weeks pregnant today. The doctor determines a due date which is at 40 weeks. However, babies are considered full term anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks. It is thought that the baby releases a protein to start labor when her lungs are fully developed. Some just aren't ready to be born until 42 weeks. Both of my mom's babies were born at 42 weeks or later. Julia, my doula, reminded me that we shouldn't have a due date, but a "due month". My due month would be August 8-September 5.

I'm just praying that I don't have to be induced. It is not good to go past 42 weeks. I have an induction scheduled for next Tuesday. I'll go in Monday night to get started on cervadil to soften the cervix. Then, Tuesday morning they'll break my water. As a last resort, the doctor will put me on pitocin. But, I'm praying for the baby to come before this weekend! It would be nice to have a long weekend with Ryan.

I have been feeling really good. It doesn't seem real that I'm going to have a baby. I'm starting to think that pregnancy will just be my permanant condition! I haven't gotten any bigger in a few weeks, and I'm pretty much able to do everything I want. This morning I jogged a mile, worked in the yard doing a little mowing and weed wacking, and then went for a swim. I've been leisurely using the computer on my parents' back patio for about an hour now. I better savor my life of leisure while I'm still able!