Sunday, January 15, 2012

Interesting Memoir

One Call Away is the memoir of Brenda Warner, wife of NFL football player Kurt Warner. Brenda’s story is gripping. Throughout her journey are tragedies and triumphs. In addition to the stress of being a public figure and the ups and downs of Kurt’s career in professional football, Brenda experiences a child being handicapped as a result of an accident, the devastating end to a marriage and the loss of her parents to a tornado While her story contains many trying experiences, the descriptions of the sad moments are neither overwhelmingly dark nor emotional. In the tragic moments, Brenda relies on her always faithful God. It is apparent that she has faith, but none of her intimate times with God are described in depth. She talks about the role God plays in her life, but she often relies on her own strength and principles. Brenda is mostly likeable; she is completely accepting of herself and her many uniquenesses. She is fiercely committed to her family and is strong in the face of public scrutiny. It is an entertaining read that feels like a conversation with a friend. Apparently she felt like she was having a conversation with a friend when she wrote it because she reveals details that are shockingly personal.