Thursday, March 20, 2008

Toilet Sitting and Silly Molly

As a mom of an infant, I spend time sitting on toilets doing things that I never used to do. Every night as part of her bedtime routine, I give Molly a bath. Sometimes I help her sit up and play in the shallow water, but usually she lays on her back chewing on a toy. She likes to relax this way for quite awhile, and I sit on the toilet and talk to her, sing, or just watch. Last night I was feeling like I needed a little relaxation, so I brought some red wine and chocolate to enjoy while sitting on (but not using) the toilet.

Additionally, I believe that women should have the right to breastfeed in public. And, while it is legal to do so, I prefer to nurse Molly in women's restrooms. I hate covering up while nursing; it gets very hot. So, it is easier to find a private spot. I often wonder if people think it is odd for me to be in the stall for quite a while sometimes murmuring some encouragement to Molly. Today as she was finishing up, I felt a little uncomfortable asking, "All done?" The people in neighboring stalls cannot see or hear the baby. I hope they don't think I'm conversing with myself while sitting on the toilet.

At Buffalo Wild Wings today, Molly sucked on a celery stalk for the first time. She enjoyed it until she made a projectile out of it. She also got her very first balloon. We were quite nervous as she grasped it and dug her fingernails into the latex. Happily it did not pop, and she enjoyed watching it bounce on the end of its string.

When she awoke at 6 this morning, Ryan brought her into our bed to snuggle. She loves to climb on us and tackle the comforter. She was very funny this morning. Shortly after arriving, she looked directly at Ryan and emitted a belch. She's also been perfecting the skill of making a razzing sound by forcing air through her closed lips. She practiced this a couple times. Then, as she pulled herself up to my bare shoulder, she put her lips on my skin and did it to me. After moving on to a more interesting toy, she was sitting between us. The fireworks in her diaper then began. Pop! Pop! Po-o-o-o-o-p! Pop! She kept us quite entertained and wondering how soon we can teach her to say, "Excuse Me!"

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