Thursday, December 11, 2008


I almost saw this today! Story at the bottom of this post.

We are enjoying a sunny day with temperatures in the 60s. It's funny how accustomed to the warm weather we have become. We think it is a very cold when the temps dip into the 30s.

Molly has been busy learning new words. It is amazing how overnight her vocabulary grew. The following are words that she tries to say or says successfully:

mama dada duck walk milk hot papa nana no ball baby cheese shoes book

I'm learning that 15 month olds are so funny. I was letting Molly sit on my lap in the front seat of the car and snack on some animal crackers in the mall parking lot. For some reason, she started to say, "Hot!" (This is her favorite word by the way. She often uses it correctly, like when I'm holding a cup of coffee or pull something out of the microwave. However, sometimes she just says it randomly.) Midword, she let out a burp. I started laughing, and she started laughing and let out a longer burp. That made us both laugh harder. It is so fun to have a shared giggle.

We have a baby gate up near the entrance to our kitchen. Molly plays near the gate while I cook or load the dishwasher. Today, I knew she was standing there just a few feet from me doing something but I wasn't paying close attention. When I looked at her I noticed that she had taken her pants off! I'm hoping this doesn't become common or involve the removal of her diaper!

The big news around Fort Worth is the landing here of the space shuttle as it is being transported from California back to Florida. Because of weather conditions in Florida, it had to make a pit stop here. I was heading out to meet a friend this morning. As I drove near the Air Force base where the shuttle spent the night, I saw at least a hundred cars pulled over on the freeway and service drive. I concluded that the shuttle was going to be taking off soon. I had to meet my friend and couldn't stop. I think I missed seeing the shuttle atop a 747 by just a few minutes. By the way, the trip back to FL costs two million dollars.

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Chris and Terah said...

And the hilarious stuff your toddler will do just keeps getting funnier with each month! :) Isn't it fun? And even though it was $2M of our tax money to transport the space shuttle, it is pretty cool that you got that close to take that picture.