Wednesday, January 14, 2009


When my mom was out of town, we went with my dad to the Stockyards. Twice a day they have a cattle drive down the street. This was the first time Molly and I saw it. Beforehand, cowboys come out onto the street to let children and foreign tourists pet their horses. Then, the cows walk down just a few feet away from where the onlookers are standing. Their longhorns are quite impressive. Molly was amused by the cows and pointed. She also likes to visit papa's cows when we are at my parents' house.

I let Molly drink from a "big girl cup" while in her high chair. She is very good, except she occasionally will put a piece of food in the cup. She perfected her skill while in the bathtub. This picture was taken on a warm day when I made Molly some banana milk (banana, milk, and ice cubes blended together- it is somewhat bland, but she likes it!).

Sharing daddy's ice cream!

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