Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bye Bye Binky

Monday morning we had Molly throw away her binkies. She complied, but I don't think she understood the permanence of them being gone. I quickly took the trash out to the garage. Sure enough a couple hours later, she was in the kitchen looking in the trash! She has done a great job not whining or throwing temper tantrums about her binkies. At prayer time that night, she asked God for her binky! Cute! She also has been a little sad, crying softly while asking for her binky. I reminded her that her friends don't use binkies anymore, "Xander said, 'Bye bye binky'." "Ella said, 'Bye bye binky'." She seemed pretty content with this.

I'm proud of her, and she seems so grown up. I'm also relieved because the binky battle was becoming a pain! We restricted it to her bedroom, but she'd bring it out often, and we'd have to discipline her for it. I'm very happy to say, "Bye bye binky!"

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Cortney @ said...

Good for you! Evan still uses his and it is becoming such a pain. We had a great opportunity to get rid of them last week when his very last one ripped but him being so sick I couldn't bear the thought. So of course I ran out to the store to get him a new one. He was going to bed without it several weeks ago on his own, but i guess he decided he didn't like that, so here we are again...battling the binkie! :-)