Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hope for Hurting Marriages

There are three reasons I really liked this book (A Time to Dance by Karen Kingsbury). 
1.  It was a page turner.  I really wanted things to work out for the couple in the story, Abby and John, who had let love and faith fade in recent years in their marriage.
2.  It holds marriage in esteem. 
3.  Many of the characters have an ongoing conversation with God.  It reminds me to practice being in God's presence throughout the day and pursue intimacy with him.

Alternatively, there are a couple things I didn't like about this book.
1.  It was very predictable.  I knew from the start that Abby and John would turn back to the Lord and each other.  It had the usual fairy tale ending.
2.  Even though the main characters had serious relational flaws and had lapsed in their faith, the main family in the story was too outwardly perfect- he was a handsome quarterback at the University of Michigan that as a coach achieved a high school state championship with his son as quarterback, their perfect son-in-law breezed through the bar exam, and they had a beautiful lakehouse and, of course, everyone is very good-looking.  At the same time, their daughter's new in-laws are hideously socially inept and out-of-style in many regards.

Minor irritations aside, I enjoyed the tale.  The story is mainly viewed from the perspective of Abby.  She is frustratingly stubborn as she refuses to listen to her husband's viewpoint.  I'm sure the author intended it this way.  It is probably a message for many of us wives to not be so quick to judge as we look at John with compassion even in the midst of his sins and struggles.  

It was an easy, pleasant read that will remind the reader's of God's patience toward us and hope for broken marriages. 

I was given a complimentary copy of this book to review as a part of my participation in

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