Sunday, October 17, 2010


A couple weeks ago, we were having a tea party and were trying to match the tea cups with stuffed animals.  I decided that Sparty would drink from the green cup, naturally.   Apparently, I don't say his name often enough.  Instead, I often break out singing the MSU fight song when we play with Sparty.  During the course of tea-time conversation, Molly repeatedly referred to Sparty as Rah Team Fight. "Would you like some more sugar, Rah Team Fight?"

She also likes to clink glasses together and say, "To Yours."  I try to correct her and tell her that it is cheers, but she ignores me.  She has very good pronunciation normally, so these aberrations are amusing.

She was talking to me the other day, and I asked her where her eye lashes are.  She touched them, and then she pointed to her eyes and said, "These are my peoples.  Do you see my peoples, Mommy?"

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Cortney @ said...

LOVE IT!!! (not the team, of course ;-))