Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warmth and Caring

I received this book awhile ago from to review for Thomas Nelson publishers.  I've been busy with my new teaching job and haven't had a chance to write about it yet.  I was home today handling some personal business and thought I better squeeze in a quick book review while it's still naptime!

This hard-cover children's book is called One Hand, Two Hands.  It is a poem suitable for preschool aged children that talks about all of the things our hands can do.  There is especially an emphasis on how we can serve others with our hands.  There is just a line or two of text on each page- it's short enough to hold the attention of young ones.  The rhyming sometimes seems a little more forced than natural.  At the back of the book there is a page filled with suggestions for how "your hands can be helping hands".  The illustrator, Gaby Hansen, does a fantastic job capturing action and emotion of a cute little girl playing, helping and playing.  The colors and images are whimsical and imaginative. 

I love the lesson in this story to remember to be thankful for our hands and to look for ways to use them to serve others.  I really like this book, but my three-year-old wasn't that interested in it.  I'll give it a couple more tries.  Often, familiarity increases her interest!  Try this story with a little loved one.  Hopefully it will be a family favorite!

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