Monday, March 12, 2007

Physics, Math, and Taxes

Tina, my awesome physics TA, made this for the baby. She had planned to make me a physics t-shirt, but when she heard I was pregnant, made a baby version instead. Ryan says that it is the first "nerd" gift.

Austin was just over here for some tutoring. We were doing long division. So, kids really do learn how to do math without a calculator. I wonder how many high school students can still do long division.

I've completed our federal taxes for 2006 three times! I used Turbotax, TaxCut, and the EmilyKelly paper and pencil version and got three different refunds/amounts due! I feel the most confident about the EmilyKelly version because I think TaxCut didn't take into account the self-employment tax that Ryan owes for working with AIA. Besides, the EmilyKelly version is the only one that has us owing tax, and I'm afraid that is the case. Now, my next task is to do the taxes married filing separately and see if this makes a difference.

Oh, good news! Ryan was accepted to his program at Weatherford College. He's applied to about 10 districts already. Please pray for a job soon! We'd love to know where to look for a place to live. It would be great if we could live within walking distance to the school. Ryan would love to walk or bike to school. He'd like to coach, too. I think he'd be able to coach anything in middle school except maybe cheerleading... I'd like to see him demonstrating the cheers though!

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