Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Belly pix @ 21 weeks

Susan and Katie B- here you go! I'm 21 weeks this morning, and it appears that MOLLY CLARA is doing well. I had an appointment this morning. It is surprising how uneventful these appointments are. I pee in a cup, get my weight and blood pressure checked, have the opportunity to ask questions, and have the baby's heartrate checked. Then I'm on my way. I'm thankful that all is going well, and it's this easy! The baby is moving as I write this. Her favorite spot to kick is my lower right abdomen.

I have had no cravings so far, but occasionally I screw off the top of the hot sauce bottle and pour it all over what I'm eating. No more sprinkling a little here and there. I'm sure that this habit will die quickly if I develop heartburn. I don't crave salad, but sometimes when I start eating it, I end up eating 2 or 3 bowls full. I can't get enough.


The InstiKater said...

Thank you for the pics! It looks like you might have swallowed a basketball. You're so cute. My advice: Enjoy your time alone and with Ryan. Having a baby is amazing and wonderful, and you'll wonder how you spent your time before she came. But if you spoil yourself a little by relaxing (sleep in, read all day, spend lots of time with friends) you'll be glad you enjoyed it while you had the opportunity.

gabby said...

Emily - I knew it! You're such a cute pregnant woman! Thanks for the pix, & for your sweet posting about Hershey. I'll give you a call soon.