Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Belly pix @ 25 weeks

I'm noticeably pregnant now, especially when I wear maternity clothes. Not very many strangers have asked about my pregnancy, but my students and friends comment on my belly quite often! They say that I'm really starting to get big and to show.

By the way, Kit Kat is doing great! (Ryan thought he should get a little press.) He (Kit Kat) loves to lay out in the shade. He's getting ready for the baby! I also ordered some tranquilizers from the vet for our 20-something drive to Texas. That will be fun- being serenaded by Kit Kat the WHOLE WAY!

Here's our schedule for moving:
Pack the truck in Ohio - May 26-27
Ryan and his friend Chris drive to Texas - May 28-29
Arrive and unload truck - May 29-30
Ryan and Chris party in Austin - June 1-2
Emily's showers in MI - June 2-3
Ryan begins class - June 4
Last exam in Emily's classes - June 7
Emily and Kit Kat drive to TX - June 8ish

Pray for us! We need it! Please also pray for a job for Ryan. He's finding lots of jobs for which to apply, but we need someone to notice his resume and qualifications out of the other applicants!

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Dawn said...

Hi Emily!
Love your blog writings. I kept getting a lump in my throat though as we too have gone through these same types of transitions as a young married couple. I remember so well leaving those "homes" I loved the most and some of them weren't even MY personal residence. You are adorable with your baby belly.We cannot wait to meet her.
We'll keep all of you in our prayers! love, Dawn