Saturday, October 13, 2007

Molly and Family

This is Molly sleeping in her swing today. She only likes her swing if it is on the highest speed! Notice the UNC onesie from Grandpa Kelly.
This is Molly McIntyre, Molly's first American Girl doll. Molly's great grandma Kelly sent the doll to us.

This is Molly with her great Grandma Ritter. Grandma has Alzheimer's, but she quickly remembered how to hold a baby.
These are Molly's second cousins Ally, Brady, and Nolan.
Ryan and I have been looking for an apartment. We decided on one today. It is a two bedroom, and the complex has a lot of amenities, including a free YMCA membership. It is located in a nice part of Fort Worth and is right next to the Trinity trail, so there are a lot of cyclists and runners in the area. We are really excited about that! The apartment we are going to get is going to get brand new carpet, which will be great, especially when Molly starts crawling. It will be fun to live in the city. While my parents will be about 40 minutes away, we'll be closer to a lot of shopping, friends, and activities. Most importantly, Ryan's drive to work will be 10 minutes instead of 35! We will move in on October 26.

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