Monday, October 29, 2007

New Home

Our apartment has a very large living/dining room. This dining set was inherited from my grandparents. I just put new upholstery on the chairs. That is my favorite decorating activity, because it is so easy and cheap, but gives a brand new look to furniture. I spent $8 on fabric and used my dad's staple gun to do the chairs. Maybe Ryan will let me get curtains to brighten up the windows. Hint, hint, honey. No, that's not a cat statue. It is Kit Kat, in the flesh. (or, in the fur, whichever you prefer.)
Finally, I have a red wall. I tried to convince Ryan at our previous two houses to let me paint the living room red. However, he didn't agree since he knew we might be selling the houses soon. The management here will give you two accent walls of a color of your choosing. We choose "Moss Mist" for the wall in our bedroom. It is a soothing, romantic color just right for our bedroom.
We have a nice fire place, and my cactus has survived the trip from Ohio. It thrived getting the evening sun on my parents' Western facing back patio this summer. It doubled in volume. (As all of you math people know, that is not the same as doubling in height...)

So, we are open for visitors. Come one, come all... Only people we know, please. None of you strangers just happening upon this blog on the web.

There is a complimentary gourmet coffee bar in the office of the complex. So, guess where Molly and I end up for our morning walk??? We are meeting people here already. The neighbors next door have a three year old boy and are expecting a baby. The wife stays home during the day. We met another neighbor at NTB today. Because they are doing construction here, I ended up with a nail embedded in my tire. The kind repairman at NTB fixed it for free. He even had to reinstall the tire b/c we had put the spare on. After talking with him we discovered that he lives in the building just across the street from us. After I returned home, Ryan noticed that I was still missing my hubcap. I called NTB, and our new friend said that he had my hubcap and would return it after work tonight.

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