Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Four Months

Molly is sweetly napping, and I have some time to give an update. Her four month birthday was January 8. Here are some pictures of her:

Molly loves to roll onto her stomach. She can roll over multiple times. This means trouble for Mom and Dad because she can make it across the room quickly. We have to keep our eyes on her. We also find her on her belly quite often in her crib as she is trying to fall asleep or after she has awakened. When she is sleeping, she stays put on her back.

Molly and Jorja are nearly the same size. They both love to smile but not for the camera!

Yesterday at her check up, Molly weighed 13 lb 12 oz. She is at the 50th percentile for weight. I do not put much "weight" in her height measurement. I find the nurses' technique of eyeballing the length of a squirmy baby quite imprecise. She is somewhere near the median value for length.

We made our first phone call to the 24 hour answering service of our pediatrician's office last night. Molly had a temperature of 102 degrees at 4:30 this morning. She had her second round of immunizations yesterday. The nurse had given us a handout about fever yesterday, but it did not indicate what temperature reading would necessitate contacting a doctor. After conversing with the nurse, giving the baby some Tylenol drops, and stripping her down to her diaper, Molly's temperature dropped back to 98.8 after two hours. I guess that we are being typical first time parents. I'm sure that a great majority of the calls they receive are from new parents of firstborns.

We are very much in love with our baby. Her smile and giggles captivate us. Having her has caused us to appreciate each other more. I look forward to spending time with her when she awakes.

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