Friday, January 25, 2008

Miss Molly

Molly really keeps us on our toes! When she is feeling a little bit active, she rolls over onto her belly right away. She likes her little play gym with the animals hanging down. However, just a minute or two after we put her beneath it to play, she has rolled over and gotten her legs caught on the side of it, often her body is perpendicular to her initial position! During the night and naps, she's also rolled over onto her belly. It makes us really nervous to find her this way, but she's strong enough to roll over anything that we put next to her to keep her on her back! She especially likes to roll over when I'm changing her diaper or clothes. I ALWAYS have a hand on her when she's on top of anything!

She's also started to try to turn around, stand, and squirm out of her swing, car seat, stroller, bouncy seat, and our laps! She is very determined!

We babysat for Jorja the other night. Molly and Jorja were only one ounce different on their weight at four months. One ounce is less than the weight of a feeding or a wet diaper! I got a taste of what it's like for moms with two babies. Molly was fussing in her crib, and Jorja would fuss if I put her down. So I had to carry Jorja in to the room as I checked on Molly. Well, Molly's crying upset Jorja; she started crying. In response, Molly started screaming! So, I carried them both out to the living room. (This part is a blur... did I carry them both at once or did I carry one out and then the other? One thing I'm sure about: There was a lot of crying going on.) Once they were out on the floor, I had to think fast, "How can I comfort them both at once?" Jorja's bottle was nearby so I offered that to her while I scooped up Molly. Almost instantly the crying subsided. Molly, delighted to be up past her bedtime, laid on the floor next to Jorja and admired her friend. Jorja, delighted by her bottle, was oblivious to Molly. The rest of the evening was relatively uneventful. Molly tried to roll over on Jorja (it's happened before). Ryan came home, and Molly went back to bed.

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