Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My mom called to complain this morning that I hadn't updated the blog in awhile. So, I've preoccupied Molly by putting her in her feeding seat next to me with watermelon in her self-feeder.

The weather has been consistently in the 90s here in TX, and we love it. It is mostly a dry heat, with lots of afternoon sun. Mornings are sometimes overcast and cooler. Molly and I have visited the pool a few times. She likes the water and especially enjoys splashing and bending over to put her face in it!

Molly is really growing up. She now has four teeth on the top along with two on the bottom. She has been pulling herself up to standing, but now she'll lift up both of her hands and continue standing for a few seconds unassisted. We've also put a couple books in her crib and now sometimes we go in to find her looking at them after she's woke up. She has been eating lots of different foods and happily accepts different tastes. She's a little hesistant about unfamiliar textures.

We're looking forward to having Ryan home with us full-time in two weeks. It will be fun to get to know Fort Worth better and spend time with friends and family. Maybe after he's had a couple weeks to recover from the school year he'll be up for babysitting so I can work a little.

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