Wednesday, May 14, 2008

San Antonio

We went to San Antonio this past weekend to meet up with Ben and Tricia, some friends from Ohio. Friday we got in to town and hung out at the pool as the temp was in the mid nineties. We then went down to dinner at La Margarita which is in the Market Square. It was fun, but the food wasn't as good as our Fort Worth favorites. The next day Molly and I walked around the shops in the market square. We then went to the Japanese Tea Gardens with our friends. These gardens are definitely a must see. There were beautiful ponds and waterfalls and a very large pagoda. I wanted to go there after seeing my friend Kim's pictures from the gardens. It was very hot, so we headed home for the pool. That evening we went on a boat tour of the riverwalk area. We tried to squeeze in dinner before Molly's bedtime, but she became too impatient while we were waiting for a table. We left early the next morning. On the way home, we saw what appeared to be the President's helicopter. It was near Waco (not far from his Crawford ranch). We recognized the white bottom of the craft with navy blue above. It was accompanied by two army attack helicopters. I'm sure the big wedding kept the Waco airport pretty busy!

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