Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good Golly

Molly loves the water. She loves taking a bath in her ducky tub. She also loves to go to the pool. When we get back, she gets a sink bath. We can't get her undressed fast enough when the water is running. She is frantic to get into the water!

We do style Molly's hair, although you wouldn't know it by these last two pictures. Sometimes I even put a bow or barrette in her hair. Today, she was wearing a turquoise and periwinkle jumpsuit with flowers on it as well as a purple flowered barrette. A man at Borders asked, "How old is he?" This happens to every baby, but it is just so funny when it does! As you can see, Molly has discovered climbing. She likes to climb on this chair to reach for the blinds.
Molly loves to eat. She eats Cheerios throughout the day. She eats little pieces of food off of her high chair, mostly cheese and Cheerios. She likes all kinds of cheese, like her mama. We cut melon into tiny cubes and feed them to her by spoon. She eats hummus by sucking it off of a cracker, or I break a cracker into tiny bits and feed them to her with a little hummus on it.
She is walking a lot. She started walking when she was 9 1/2 months old. I'm not sure if I mentioned that in a previous post. She is pretty unsteady, but she LOVES walking. She sometimes laughs and grins as she toddles. Crawling is still her main source of transportation, but she's walking more and more.
She is very interested in books. She plays with her books more than anything else. Pulling the books and toys off of her shelf is a favorite activity. She pages through them and looks at the pictures. Her favorite one is a lift the flap book about God watching over the animals and people as we sleep. She always reaches for it, even when it is on the bottom of a stack. She looks at it probably 10 or 20 times a day.
We are so thankful for our baby and love spending every day with her. We pray often that God would give us wisdom as parents and that He'd continue to give her a spirit of peace and joy.
Please pray for my Uncle Ron. He is suffering from cancer and is in need of a miracle. Thanks!

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