Friday, October 31, 2008


Molly was an MSU cheerleader for Halloween. Her Grandpa KK sent her this dress for her birthday. I was only able to find one pom pom! I looked at several stores, and the ones I did find were not green or white! We had lunch with Amanda and Xander at Buffalo Wild Wings, had a visit from Nana and Papa, and then walked to Trunk or Treat at a church close by. Molly got some treats: a bag of teddy grahams, a bag of pretzels, and a toy duck. I appreciate the healthy snacks because she's too little for candy. She was pretty excited to eat pieces of my hotdog and enjoy a juicebox, too. She also enjoyed one of Nana's frosted pumpkin cookies.

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mike harris said...

wow...just found your blog from facebook!
this is awesome!!!
i'll have to put it in my blogroll to check out frequently.