Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Morning at the Park

Molly is officially running! It is not a surprise; she must take after her daddy. Kit Kat likes to be chased, and Molly doesn't mind doing the chasing. However, she wishes that he would chase her. She has a difficult time understanding that he doesn't respond to her like mommy and daddy. We know what she wants, but Kit Kat doesn't!

We spent about an hour at the park this morning. She loved it. The playground is near a trail with a lot of cyclists, joggers, and walkers. Every time a person went by walking a dog, she stood up and walked toward the dog, even if it was 100 feet away. She would keep walking down the sidewalk even after the dog and its owner had disappeared out of sight!

A pair of small children at the park with their Polish aunt and uncle brought their beach toys to the park. They offered to let Molly play with them, too. The kids had a lot of fun playing with the pebbles that serve as the surface in the play area. In fact, every time we go to a park Molly is far more interested in the mulch or pebbles than the slides and swings. She is pretty good about not putting them in her mouth, but if she finds a pebble that she really likes she will kiss it!

She has been saying ma ma and da da for a week or so. She really said "Da da" a lot when Ryan was home with us last weekend. Those are her first words that she uses meaningfully. She also makes a "K" sound when she sees Kit Kat. She's had her own version of "hi" for awhile, that sounds nothing like "hi", but she says it consistently when playing with her phone!

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