Friday, February 13, 2009

Early Riser

I am not a morning person. Ryan and my parents all agree on this! I wouldn't normally be a really late riser, but 7:30 or 8 is much more my preference than 6 am! Molly, however, wakes up consistently around 6-6:30. I hate the first ten minutes or so, but I'm coming to appreciate the morning. I'm glad that Molly gets to see her daddy before he goes to work. Another great payoff of her early wake up time is that she still takes two good naps (about two hours each), and she goes to bed at 7-7:30!

We have a little routine in the morning. When he first hears her, Ryan runs to her room to get her up. He then brings her into our bed where we snuggle, and she nurses. She then looks for interesting things, like pens, cell phones and cups, near our bed and on the nightstand. After retrieving these things from her, she hurries out to the living room to play with her daddy. If I tarry too long in bed, which I consistently do, she comes back in to get me up. Then it's time for a diaper change and breakfast.

Molly is becoming a great helper at mealtimes. She likes to carry things to the table, like the salt and pepper shakers. She's pretty good at holding them upright. She just started wanting to help push in our chairs when we get up from the table.

I tried to get Molly to take her nap a little while ago, but shortly after putting her in the crib, the Fed Ex man pounded on the door. One of Molly's Valentine gifts was arriving. So, she was up for awhile after that. I'll post a picture tomorrow of Molly with her Valentine's Day treats- I'm sure they'll be numerous!

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