Sunday, February 8, 2009


Just today we noticed that Molly started bowing her head when we pray together. At breakfast, I said a short two or three sentence prayer while Molly sat in her high chair alongside Ryan and me. When I said, "Amen!" I looked over at her. She raised her bowed head, brought the fingers of both hands together (sign language for "more") and said, "More!" I smiled, and then said another short prayer, again ending with an Amen. She repeated her request for more prayer. Ryan and I giggled because it was so cute that she wanted me to pray longer. Finally, my last few inquiries to God satisfied her, and she was ready to eat!

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Chris and Terah said...

That really is so cute! I read your blog and am impressed what a great example you and your husband are for Molly when it comes to your faith. Of course, I'm not surprised because you were a great example to me 15 years ago (can you believe that's how long ago it was when we became roommates!)