Thursday, April 23, 2009

Final Four and Easter

Some of my recent posts are somewhat out of chronological order. So are some of the books in the Bible! Ryan went to Detroit to go to the first Final Four game with his dad. He saw a great game of Michigan State beating UConn. Of course, it was typical April weather in Michigan, and there were several inches of snow. Ryan said he'd never live there again!

For Easter, Molly helped me color eggs. She was dressed just in a diaper and bib. I wore a navy running shirt and a pair of Ryan's navy boxers. I was nervous about staining our clothes! She loved to plunk the eggs into the dye.

She also had a fun Easter egg hunt at my parents'. Everytime she found an egg, she'd open it right away. She'd want to play with the contents, or eat the candy within. We needed to persuade her to keep hunting.

We are so thankful for Jesus' resurrection. We always hope that our celebration of Easter brings Him glory!

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