Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update on My Dad

Thanks to everyone that has been praying! I just returned a little while ago from visiting my dad. He seems to be doing well. He looked good- nice color in his face and no hair out of place. He asked me to get his button-down shirt out of the bag of his belongings and hang it up so it wouldn't get wrinkled! He was voted best-dressed in high school for a reason. He is dozing in and out and saying some odd things, probably due to the morphine. We were having mostly coherent conversation, talking about MSU basketball and what Molly was up to today.

The doctor actually removed 12 inches. He noticed another spot that needed to come out also. There was a pathologist in the OR that consulted with the doctor about what the spots were. They believe that they are not cancer. In any case, they are gone.

Dad's pain is mainly in his stomach muscles. Perhaps this is because they were really stretched out when they filled his abdomen with air during the surgery? He groaned when he moved because this is when it hurt most.

He is not allowed to eat anything. The nurses reluctantly let him have ice chips. He is permitted to have hard candy, and he ate one that I brought. Dad is used to his three squares and is eager to eat.

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