Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Party Moms

Molly's second birthday party is Saturday. I spent a portion of my free-time (Molly's nap time) today researching ideas for activities and favors for her Sesame Street-themed party. I happened upon a site in which scores of moms shared their plans for toddler Sesame Street parties. After browsing for a bit, I concluded that "birthday party moms" need their own category alongside soccer moms and hockey moms.

After reading some of the elaborate invitation and decoration ideas, I assertained that many of these people spend the equivalent of an entire 40 hour work week in party planning. I wonder what they sacrifice to pull off the perfect party for a toddler- sleep, personal hygiene, time with their kids??? Then, there are the things I just shake my head in amazement about- inviting 24 toddlers to your home for a party? Why?

I then read the synopsis of a party that was in a league of its own. I was skimming when I came across the part about the rented tent and tables to seat 150 adults and 45 children. This party for a one-year old featured ponies, followed by the appearance of several life-size Sesame Street characters in full costume. At the end of the party, the delighted guests ran out to make their selections from the ice cream truck rented by the hosts.

I can say proudly that I am not a BPM, a Birthday Party Mom. The only thing homemade at Molly's party will be a layered bean dip (and of course, my mom's cheese ball). The Elmo cake will be competently made by Sam's Club. I also spent more time with my birthday girl today than I did party planning. Hurrah for run-of-the-mill birthday parties!


ChrisTerah said...

I'm sure your party will be no run of the mill party b/c Molly will know that you still put lots of thought into it, family she loves will be there, and you'll show her how a birthday made with love vs. one trying to show off is done. I agree with you.... why does a 1,2 or 3 year old need ALL that?!??!! My son is 3 and I am somewhat dreading the b-day parties that are sure to come now that he is starting preschool..... partly because I don't want to have to throw one. :) How's the new house?

Ann said...

So, what are you saying about hockey moms??!!