Thursday, August 6, 2009


Molly is a bundle of energy from the get-go in the morning. However, when Sesame Street is on, she lays down on the floor and watches intently. I am hurriedly catching up on email, packing for our move, and making phone calls. When Elmo is over, she'll be ready to GO! Doesn't that characterize the life of a mom- rest for the child equates to work-time for mom? While she is storing up energy; I'm expending it!

I've decided that it is somewhat silly to use the baby jogger. I get a lot of exercise while Molly SITS! When we are in our new home, I'm going to jog to a nearby middle school. I'll get Molly out, and we'll jog a lap together on the track. Then, she comes home a little tired, too.

It is getting a little easier at the park. I used to get more exercise than she did: scrambling after her, lifting, sliding, and pushing on the swings. Now, she can safely be more independent on the play equipment. Yesterday, I strategically placed myself so that I could grab her if she got too close to a place where she could fall (Actually I point these spots out to her and tell her "Danger!". She'll repeat that every time she climbs up, pointing and repeating, "Danger!") It felt weird to be at the park and be just standing in one spot. A little rest for mom- how unusual!

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