Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heartwarming Moments

This evening in the bathtub, Molly was studying an empty bottle. She asked, "Words say?" I smiled and replied, "Baby Shampoo". For the first time she expressed an understanding of the purpose written language. It was so special to observe this milestone of her little brain's growth.

After the bath we were dancing along with "Dancing with the Stars". We all dance because Molly commands us to. "Daddy dance. Mommy dance," she says. All of a sudden, she stopped mid-step, and folded her hands. "Pray, pray," she implored us. How sweet that she would want to stop and pray!

Molly loves learning new words and names. She'll point to pictures in her books and ask, "What's that?" or "Boy's name?" Last week, in Walmart, she'd point down each aisle and ask, "Lady's name?" I'd respond, "Honey, I don't know. We haven't met that person." I'm thinking that I'll become a lot friendlier with strangers because of Molly!

At the park this evening, she looked beneath the play equipment and asked the name of a metal support holding up a platform. I told her it was a post. She repeated that word a couple times. It struck me how trusting she is. She believes everything that I say. I am the expert on words and names. Ryan and I taught her almost everything that she knows. That is humbling and amazing! I was thinking about how our faith in God should be the same way. Some people ask how I can reconcile my religious beliefs with my scientific knowledge. I guess that I trust God's word the same way Molly trusts mine. There's a lot that I don't know, but I do know that God is entirely good, and I can take Him at His word.

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Susan McCaffrey said...

Thanks for sharing these small miracles. Reminds me of the cute things that Max and Megan did. I am so glad that I wrote these little things down because these everyday moments are hard to remember. Molly seems exceptionally intelligent. Connecting letters to meaning is very advanced critical thinking! It's a tribute to the excellent parenting you provide. susan