Thursday, October 1, 2009

Babysitting Day

The only morning that I have to set an alarm is Thursday. Molly acts as my alarm clock on the other days. She's usually up between 6:20 and 7:20. However, baby Joe gets dropped off at 7:30 on Thursday, so I set my alarm for 7:10 to get dressed, brush my teeth, and wash my hair - in that order just in case I run out of time!

Unfortunately this morning, Molly was up from 4:40-5:20 this morning. She was in her crib most of that time, but I couldn't sleep. Then Ryan needs to get out of the house by 5:45, and I was emailing a document for him while he finished getting ready. I didn't fall back to sleep until after 6. Molly slept until 8. Great- the only day that I have to get up early, she sleeps until 8!

Today is my only babysitting day. Baby Joe (8 months old) stays from 7:30-4:15, and Xander (26 months) is here from 11:30-7:15. The day is a whirlwind of naps, playing, time-outs, diaper changes, trips to the potty, prayers for obedience and wisdom, snacks and meals. None of them are on the same schedule. Thank goodness Molly and Joe nap at the same time. (Xander does not nap.)

Xander sleeps in late, and his dad told me that he had breakfast at 9:30. So, when I sit Molly down for lunch at noon, Xander has to sit at the table with her. He picks at his lunch. I then put his lunch in the fridge, and he ends up eating it mid-afternoon! He's not used to sitting for meals with his family around a table. So, this is something I'm training him to do at our house. He's here at dinner time again, but usually he's not hungry due to his late lunch (except for the week he refused the food I offered at lunch and didn't eat until dinner. That time he chowed down!).

Molly uses her diaper and the potty each about 50% of the time. Xander is not potty trained, but his mom wants me to put him on the potty. So, several times a day, all four of us are hanging out in the bathroom together. Altogether I changed four poopy diapers today and washed my hands 32 times. Actually, I didn't count the hand-washing, but that's probably pretty close! And, that doesn't include the many washings of tiny hands!

Joe is a sweet and contented baby. He likes playing with toys or sitting on my lap. I wouldn't be able to do this otherwise because the toddlers are so high maintenance.

Whenever we transition between rooms or activities, the older two get crazy. After the afternoon naps, we settle into Molly's room and play with toys and puzzles. As soon as Joe's dad arrives to pick him up, and we head into the hallway, Molly and Xander go crazy. They think our house is a racetrack! So, even though it had been a laidback playtime, it looks like Kiddos Gone Wild.

I then construct a fort out of a card table, blanket, and towel. We camp beneath it to read books, watch a Sesame Street dvd, and do puzzles. Ryan's working late, so the three of us eat. We wind down playing outside as the air gets a slight chill to it. We come in fifteen minutes before Xander's mom is due to arrive. After removing shoes and washing hands (again), I watch the clock intently as we do a couple final puzzles.

After the kids go, the husband is fed, and Molly's bathed, I'm exhausted. I start longing for a glass of wine to unwind with, and remember that it's October 1. (We only buy alcohol once a month to cut back on the grocery budget.) Woohoo! I've worked hard for this one, baby! Oh, wait, Ryan needs a shirt ironed for tomorrow... and a lunch packed, too. Back to work!

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ChrisTerah said...

I'm exhausted and I only READ your blog post for today! :)