Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super Model

It is very difficult to take pictures of Molly. I had to bribe her with candy corn to sit still and smile. Even then, it was quite a chore! Her Ma Mere got her this new rug as well as a new bedding set that she'll use when she moves into a twin bed. In addition to being very cute, we play little games on the rug, too. We say, "Put one food on a purple circle and one foot on a pink circle." Very educational!

This little outfit is a birthday gift from Uncle
Matt and Aunt Ilene. Cute!

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Cortney @ said...

I empathize completely. Evan has just down right refused to let me take pics. I even told him that if he didn't "sit down with Carter and smile" I wouldn't let him get his green pumpkin. I shouldn't even admit that!! All I want is one nice fall picture, is that too much to ask! Geeze! :-)
BTW - still praying for your dad!