Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Saint Patty's Day

Here is our latest kitchen creation!  My first batch of cupcakes with MK.  We are invited to a playdate/dinner tomorrow night, and the host asked me to bring a St Patty's dessert.  I wanted to use just ingredients I had on hand, otherwise, I would have made my friend Katie's yummy creme de menthe bars.  (Speaking of Katie, I miss you.  Are you still in the blogosphere?)

I had a box of German chocolate cake mix, a canister of cream cheese frosting, eggs to use up, and an unopened cannister of green decorator sugar (with no red mate).  I made a little shamrock template on a paper plate that I then cutout with a utility knife.  I actually made three until I got the results I desired.  It was a little tricky because the template would stick too much to the frosting each time.  Maybe I'll put some butter on it next time to make it "nonstick".  The best part of the whole process is that Molly loves to put the muffin liners in the pans- something I find tedious.  So we make a good team.   Here she is "frosting" her own cupcake.  Cute!

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