Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, Really?

On the way to the grocery store the other day, I asked Molly what her favorite food is.  "Carrots," she replied.  "Vegetables... onions."  I repeated the question today at lunch.  "Chicken, green beans, smiley face fries, catsup," she answered, listing the foods she saw on her plate.  The "chicken" was actually a turkey hot dog.  Funny that she never requests vegetables, but it's popsicles that she begs for.

Molly has been imitating my speech lately. She sat in front of the computer and held up her index finger, "I'm just going to check one thing," she said. While I was squatting in the back yard working in the dirt, Molly came up behind me, "Come here, babe. Let me hold you." She wrapped her arms around me, "Let me give you a hug." She walked in the house from the yard last evening and announced to me and Nanna, "I'll be back in one minute."

Chillin' with Ella
Finishing the Chocolate Bunny from MaMere
See, Mary Lynn.  I hung them straight!
Finding Eggs
Now She's Smiling!
She hit the jackpot!

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Cortney @ said...

She is getting so big, Em! Miss you guys!