Saturday, August 7, 2010


At prayer time, I'll often ask Molly if there's anything she wants to thank God for.  Recently, she began by naming things in her room and then looked at me mid-prayer.  She continued, "Thank you for eyes... and legs... and butts... and poop..."  Ha ha!  Can you tell we're still potty-training!

In the car today, Molly let out a couple burps.  She said, "I have two burps.  'Scuse me.  'Scuse me."

She is very girly and often will comment on my outfits.  She really notices it when I wear a dress.  Tonight I changed into a purple knit shirt.  She said, "You're wearing a purple shirt.  It's so cute!"  Then she made two more comments about my shirt within the next two hours before bed. 

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