Monday, September 6, 2010

Inspiring and Amazing

I recently received The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews to review as part of my participation in I was disappointed when it arrived, and I noticed that it was a gift book with not a large amount of content. I had really enjoyed the novel by Andrews that I read last, the Heart Reader, and had hoped that this one would be comparable. In the brief pages of The Butterfly Effect, however, there is a great richness of content. Andrews tells a couple little-known stories whose results had immeasurable impacts on global history. In these stories, Andrews shows how the actions of everyday heroes were part of pivotal moments in our country’s tale. As my eyes pored over the words, I literally spoke aloud, “Wow.” Andrews’ gifted story-telling and motivational style coupled with the wonder of the stories themselves will likely elicit an emotional response in most readers. The book is very short; I read it in about fifteen minutes. This makes it very easy to pass on and makes it likely that your friend will actually read it! Throughout, Andrews encourages the readers to make the most of their lives insisting that each of us were made for a reason and have a unique role to play.

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