Sunday, April 17, 2011

Greener Gardening

It's Molly's naptime on Sunday afternoon, and I'm supposed to be lesson planning.  Somehow that doesn't sound as fun as gardening.  My cousin the landscaper pointed out some aphids on my new hibiscus tree.  He suggested that I buy a type of insecticide that the plant takes in through the roots.  I decided to check out more natural types of aphid-killing suggestions on the web.  I opted to try cutting off the affected areas and spaying the plant with a diluted mixture of cooking oil and dish soap.  I'll monitor it and see if it is effective.

There is something munching on a couple tomatoes and strawberries.  I found a recipe here for an insect repellent that can be sprayed on the plants.  Since I have neither a couple heads of garlic nor habanero peppers sitting around the house, I'm trying some diluted orange oil.  Again, I'll monitor and pull out the garlic and peppers if needed.  I swear that one of my tomatoes is getting a little blush color to it.  It is mid-April and ripe tomatoes might be here in a week or two?  (Even though my mom doubts that tomatoes can be grown in abundance in Texas, I'm a believer!)  Because they'll be ripening soon, I want all bad bugs gone.  Now. 

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The Bozarth Family said...

Wow - I am envious of your warm weather. Good luck with the tomatoes.... a true sign of summer up here in Michigan! And good luck on your summer to do list - that is quite ambitious, althougbh I have to point out to the math teacher there are 11 things on your list, not ten. :)