Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 Fort Worth to Wichita, 371 miles

 At the OKC memorial
A remnant from the building
 Reflecting pool

 This 90 year old tree survived the blast
Chairs symbolizing the victims
We had a fantastic day! Amazingly, we were on the road ahead of schedule. We drove for a couple hours before stopping at McDonald's for a snack. Then we stopped to walk around the Oklahoma City memorial in nearly 100 degree heat. It was very easy to park, and it was a good place to visit for just a short amount of time being that it was free, and we could see the whole outdoor memorial quickly. While passing through Oklahoma City, I pointed out the state Capitol building Molly exclaimed, "Oh, it's so cute!"

Molly fell asleep while eating chocolate Goldfish crackers and slept the remaining two hours of our drive with crumbs adorning her chin. The pool at our Fairfield Inn (owned by Marriott) is closed for construction, so we got to use the much nicer pool at the Marriott just a block away. Molly is able to walk around unassisted in the 3 ft deep end of the pool.

We headed to Old Town for dinner and noticed that the Two Brothers BBQ has free kids meals on Tuesday.  Sweet!  We'll be looking for the cheapest gas as we haven't filled up.  Our 13-gallon tank is almost empty.  With a completely packed trunk we got nearly 30 mpg!

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The InstiKater said...

You are a brave woman! I can hardly drive to Detroit with my kids without losing my mind. They're not good passengers and won't sleep. I hope your trip continues so well. Molly is adorable!