Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 10. Rockford, MI to Laingsburg, MI via Lansing, MI. 97 miles.

Molly had a fun morning at Auntie Katie's house. I made a quick trip to a visit a long-time friend, Elizabeth. After lunch we headed to Lansing. Molly had a nice nap in the car, and we met my friend Kim at the Lansing City Market. We visited our favorite cheese vendor for some white stilton with cranberries and some other yummy goodies. What a fantastic trip- we've stopped at two lovely cheese retailers. We also bought some local strawberries that were picked this morning. And, of course, we made the obligatory visits to the restrooms and bubble gum machine. We then headed to Roma Bakery for some excellent cannoli.

We finished our day at MaMere and PaPere's. They had an early birthday party for Molly complete with presents, cake and balloons.

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