Monday, February 26, 2007

Several Firsts

Baby gifts
Mom, Grandma and Me
If we can't discipline our cat, how will we be able to discipline a child?

Last week, we received our first baby gift! My cousin Mike and his wife Christine sent us a taggie blanket and ball. They are so cute and soft. Then Grandma gave us a baby quilt that she'd made. Grandma's quilts are special!
I also bought my first maternity clothes last week. I'm hoping that I won't NEED them for a few weeks yet, but it is fun to think about wearing them!
Then for the first time, someone told me I was showing! I wore a tight shirt to work at the Gap last Thursday. Pennye asked me if I was showing already. Actually, I blame it on a big dinner! My stomach doesn't have anywhere to go when its full, now that the baby is taking up space!
On Friday, I drove up to Michigan to visit Mom and Grandma. Mom was in town from Texas. We had a really nice time. We played about 7 games of Scrabble! Mom bought me three maternity tops, and we walked around Babies'R'Us. Mom gave me lots of pregnancy advice. I'm so thankful to have a great example of a mom.

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