Friday, June 1, 2007

Definitely a Girl

At my ultrasound on Wednesday, the tech told me that the baby is definitely a girl. I'm thankful for the confirmation because I wasn't too convinced the last time! She estimated her weight to be 2 lb 11 oz and the due date to be 8/18. It was so fun to see her moving around and to see her heart beating! I also saw her face- can't wait to meet her!

She's been moving around in my belly a lot! After I woke up this morning, I just watched her deform my belly with her motion. My brother's dog Max was barking really loud right in front of me yesterday, and she didn't move at all. However, last week at church, she got really busy during the sermon. She was moving the whole time- our pastor can be pretty loud!

I'm off to go for a slow, steady jog- while I'm still able to do it!

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