Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On the Job Trail

I'm looking for some part-time work for the summer. I just applied online to a local temp service. I've also applied to Kaplan and Sylvan to do some teaching. I have an "audition" at Kaplan next week in which I have to present a five minute "how to" lesson on something non-academic. I'm not sure what I'll choose... how to foster a good relationship with your inlaws, how to register at Babies R Us, how to create the perfect Greek salad... Any ideas?

My mom and I were discussing the diversity of the various jobs I've held. I'm not sure that it is a good thing that I've had so many jobs. Here they are, in semi-chronological order:
-Babysitter-Asparagus Cutter-Server at Olga's Kitchen-Tool and Die worker (yuck! only 2 days)-Grocery Store Cashier-Residence Hall front desk worker-fast food worker at Carl's Jr-American Spoon Foods in Traverse City-Substitute Teacher-Physics Lab Instructor-Rock Quarry Scale House Operator (I loved this job!)-Temp job registering Law students at Cooley Law School-High School Teacher-Home bound teacher-Athletes in Action- mystery shopper-summer school teacher- GAP-Bath and Body Works- Physics Instructor at University-Online test grader-Tutor

Please add a comment with some of the unique jobs you've had. I'd love to hear about them. I'll hopefully update again soon. We had some technical difficulties earlier in the week, but the internet is up and running now.

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