Sunday, July 8, 2007

The pastor at church this morning told a physics joke. He said that the optimist says that the glass is half full, while the pessimist calls the glass half empty. The physicist sees it a little differently: There is a short cylinder filled with a colorless, odorless gas atop a short cylinder of the same diameter filled with a colorless, odorless liquid. The physicist would say that the glass is completely full.

Tomorrow is Ryan's 30th birthday. We are going to dinner with my parents tonight to celebrate. I won't see him much tomorrow. He starts his second class tomorrow. It goes for a week, and then the following week he takes his last class. In the afternoon, he is going to take his PPR test, which is the last test he needs to take to be certified to teach. He should do pretty well.

Tomorrow evening I have my audition at Kaplan. It got rescheduled. I've decided to teach a lesson on either "How to make your house more green" or "How to save $100 in a month". After teaching for several years, a 5 minute lesson seems like nothing. I've also applied to work on call at Edward Jones Investments. It would be like substitute teaching, but I would fill in for the front desk receptionist at any of their offices. I've pretty much been hired, but just need to do the fingerprint background check. I will then do 24 hours of training, and then I can put my name on the on call roster for any offices within driving distance. There are a lot around here- three in just the small town nearest where we're living.

We will also close on our house this week! The title company is going to e-mail us all of the forms to sign. We'll then sign them, have them notarized, fax them back, and wait for the money to be wired to our bank account!

Baby Molly is doing well. She is very active. Her heart rate was 135 bpm this past week at my check up. She'll be here in about 45 days! We can't wait to meet her! Ryan has been especially eager lately.

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