Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Culture Shock

They do things a little differently here in Texas. Driving down Veal Station Road earlier this week, I passed the garbage collector. He was driving a beaten up old pick up truck with a big metal cage on the back. He was just throwing the bags of trash into the cage on the bed of the truck. In Kettering, everyone leaves their neat little waste management trash cans next to the garage. In perfect harmony the waste management mini-carts drive up to the cans and transport the trash to the larger trash truck waiting on the street.

Albertson's is a really nice grocery store here. However, I looked all over and discovered that they don't have any fresh mozzarella. I'm used to Trader Joe's; I think they had about six different kinds from which to choose! At the Super Walmart, there are forty varieties of tortillas, but only one type of pita bread. I'm sure the suburbs have more options but not the little towns out here.

Ryan went to get a Texas car registration and driver's license. Altogether the cost was about $250! There is a mandatory vehicle inspection in addition to the title fee, registration, and driver's license; however we were not anticipating the $90 new resident fee. We'll be holding off for a few months before we take care of my car! My dad gets frustrated by the laws in this state that really tax the little person. The oil moguls and natural gas companies have legislation in their favor that keep their costs low. There is drilling for natural gas all over down here. The gas companies pay very little to the local municipalities although the heavy truck traffic really tears up the roads.

I guess the cheap avocados make up for it all. :)

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