Monday, August 13, 2007


Ryan is finding out a lot more about his job. He'll be teaching 9th grade US history, and he's the head 9th grade volleyball coach. His volleyball team only has 7 girls right now, so he'll need to do some recruiting. The soccer season is in the winter here. He'll be the assistant JV coach. His salary is great, due especially to the coaching supplement. Sports are high priority in TX! However, the school district only pays for Ryan's insurance, not for family members. So, it will be very expensive ($430 a month), and the copays and deductibles are high. This is the way it is here. My dad had heard the same thing about a different district. However, I think that the insurance is paid pre-tax, so that is a good thing. It might actually be better to have a high salary and be responsible for insurance than have a lower salary with insurance fully subsidized. All my accountant friends out there help me out; do health insurance premiums count as medical expenses when itemizing your deductions?

No sign of baby coming! I've been feeling really good. My theory is to fill my life with lots of plans and appointments, and then maybe she'll come! If I sit around waiting, I'm sure she'll be late! So, I'm working tomorrow at Edward Jones. Maybe she'll decide to complicate things.

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