Friday, November 16, 2007

Two months old

Tummy time!
I'm hungry. Grrrrr!
I love Grandma! She teaches me all kinds of good and bad things! She doesn't let me sleep and already spoils me. Does this guy know what he's doing? (This is my cousin Jason.)

Molly tolerated her first shots pretty well this week. She was sleepy and a little fussy for the rest of the day. She weighed in at 11 lb 8.5 oz. That's the 75th percentile for weight. She was 24.5 inches; this is the 100th percentile. She's not as big as Mommy was as a baby. At two months I was 13 lb and 25.5 inches!!!! Wow!
We leave Sunday for Michigan. We hope that Molly is quiet and happy on the flight. We'll see you all in Michigan soon.
Ryan is 1/3 of the way through his first year already. Please pray for his job. It is pretty difficult situation right now. He has nice weeklong break that starts tonight.

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