Monday, December 3, 2007

Trip to MI

I think this is the most beautiful picture of Molly.

Visiting with friends

Snowy Thanksgiving

Four generations

We visited nearly 65 people on our trip to Michigan. It was definitely a whirlwind, but we had a lot of fun. There were still a lot of people that we didn't get a chance to visit! We spent most of our trip in Lansing. It was Molly's first visit with Ryan's mom.

She did amazingly well on the flights. I had prayed especially for the flight to MI that she'd do well. She can be fussy in the morning if she doesn't fall asleep for her naps when needed. She started screaming in the airport just before the flight began boarding. I frantically bounced, shushed and patted until she drifted off in my arms. She slept until we were descending in Detroit. Ryan had to buckle my seatbelt and retrieve items from my carry-on for me. She did almost the same thing on the flight home. Not one cry on either flight!

It snowed on Thanksgiving in MI and TX. Ryan got out in the snow and cold and ran a 5k. He's tough! It was especially difficult b/c he's not used to the cold weather.

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