Saturday, December 29, 2007


Molly has been doing baby crunches for a few weeks. She strains and lifts her head up at the same time that she extends her legs out a couple inches above the ground. I've been marveling at what a good workout she gets. This morning when we were still lying in bed, I decided to try to do crunches with her. Everytime she'd lift up her head and hold it I'd do it, too. Keep in mind that she holds this position for several seconds. When I started accompanying her, she started doing her crunches about every 10 seconds and would hold them for a few seconds each. After about 15 or 20, my stomach muscles were burning. Every time I saw her start to raise her head, I'd groan and yell out in frustration, "Molly!" It seemed like she wasn't going to let up. After enough complaining on my part, Ryan told me to just stop doing the crunches, too. I said that tomorrow morning I'd try to keep up with her better.

After being shown up by my 3 1/2 month old, I was motivated to go for a good run. Ryan babysat, and I ran my first three mile run in several months. There was frost on the ground, and it was a perfectly crisp, still, and sunny morning for a run. I encountered twenty or so cyclists, walkers, and runners along my route. It was very satisfying.

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