Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Little Church

We've been going to an awesome little church in the country. It is a United Methodist church. We go to the contemporary service. There are sometimes only 20 people at that service (the later service has a lot more- over 100). Then, we go to the young adult Sunday School class. (It is great to still be considered young adults. When does middle age start? 40?) The Sunday School meets right across the street in the pastor's house. At Sunday school we watch short films called nooma. See nooma.com.

One of the things we love about this church is that it is small. It is so unlike any church we've attended before. The pastor is so personable and friendly. He calls to check up on us if we've been gone, and he stopped by to pray with us after Molly was born. He is also such a great communicator of God's word. He really challenges us in our faith. He also did a series on God and science, which of course I loved!

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