Friday, June 13, 2008

Molly and Friends

This is Molly's new second cousin Ella. She's about 12 days old in this picture. It was difficult to pose the two together. We didn't want Molly to hurt Ella, and it is hard to get Molly to sit still! It will be fun in a few months when Molly can entertain Ella and bring her toys.
I think these trees are called Crepe Myrtles. They are all over the place down here. They are beautiful and were one of my grandpa's favorites. This is right outside our apartment this morning. The mornings here are beautiful. It is usually breezy with temperatures in the 70s. I don't mind the afternoon heat, either. It is consistently 90s and sunny but rarely humid.

Molly knows how to take a bite out of an apple now. After she does it, I get nervous and just put an apple slice in her mesh feeder so she won't get a big chunk that she can choke on. She has sharp teeth! She's been a little fussy this week, and I think she's getting her last two bottom front teeth.
This is my friend Amanda and her baby Xander. He is a month older than Molly and is a very good walker. We went to the pool with them this morning.

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